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At St. James Health, women's health is a priority. We understand the unique needs of female patients and ensure our medical team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best care possible to keep women healthy. When combined with our attention to compassionate customer service and preventive care and wellness, our network of healthcare providers and facilities is a winning choice for your health care.

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Specialty Physicians of Illinois, LLC - Gynecology

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Franciscan St. James Health - Specialty Physicians of Illinois, LLC - Gynecology

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Gynecological Services

Gynecologists know that each stage of a woman’s life brings unique health concerns so we combine state-of-the-art equipment with experienced staff members to provide the highest level of services for women. Services include but are not limited to the following:


• Breast Health and Wellness                          • Lactation Support Services

• Lullaby Birthplace (Birthing Center)               • Imaging Services

• Surgery

Specialty Physicians of Illinois - GynecologySpirit of Women

Franciscan Alliance and Franciscan St. James Health in Chicago Heights and Olympia Fields have joined forces with Spirit of Women, a network of hospitals and health systems throughout the United States dedicated to advancing the cause of women's health.

Why Focus on Women?

Franciscan Alliance and St. James Health celebrates women's health through the Spirit of Women network because we believe that knowledge and community support are the keys to wellness. Studies show that women make 80% of all health care decisions

for their families and we are working hard to give them the tools they need to do so.

Spirit of Women

What is Spirit of Women?

Spirit of Women is about motivating and inspiring women to make positive changes in their lives. Our members receive up-to-date health information,  and special reminders about upcoming events, health fairs, support groups, and other creative outreach activities throughout the year.


Membership Benefits:

• Members Only events and activities

• FREE health screenings

• Subscription to the national Spirit magazine

and programs

Specialty Physicians of Illinois - womens health