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Joint and Spine care is part of the comprehensive orthopedic programs offered by Specialty Physicians of Illinois, LLC. These orthopedic programs specialize in the prevention and treatment conditions affecting the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and spine. Our expert team of orthopedic specialists uses the most advanced technologies and techniques to restore function, minimize chronic pain and bring back your active lifestyle.


Each year, a growing number of men and women choose joint replacement surgery for relief of chronic pain and stiffness. The Joint Program at Franciscan St. James Health offers patients the most successful treatments needed to participate in activities they enjoy and to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle. Feel better and regain your freedom.

Franciscan St. James Health - Joint Center

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Specialty Physicians of Illinois - Orthopedics

Treatments for every type of patient

• Orthopedic Surgeons          • Dietitians                                        • Pharmacists                 • Physical Therapists

• Anesthesiologists                • Occupational Therapists                • Nurses                          • Social Workers  

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Franciscan St. James Health - Chicago Heights - Joint Center

Individuals who benefit from this program include patients who suffer a fracture or other injury and patients with degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. Injured patients usually seek treatment because pain and loss of function have an immediate impact on their day-to-day lives. For patients with degenerative conditions, effects develop gradually. These patients tend to delay seeking treatment, often dismissing their pain as a product of aging and not realizing effective treatment exists.


In each case, our team of orthopedic specialists makes it possible for patients to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Through education and safe, proven surgical and non-surgical techniques, patients find the relief they need.

Franciscan St. James Joint Center offers multiple services, including:

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Benefits of Joint Replacement

Men and women of all ages find welcomed relief from their chronic joint symptoms through joint replacement and other procedures. Total joint replacements have enabled thousands of people to live fuller, more active lives.


• A dramatic reduction in pain. Even post-surgical discomfort is gone within weeks.

• Increased strength and ability to use your legs and the ability to build muscle.

• Ease of movement - almost immediately and for many years to come.

• Enhanced quality of life with the capacity to take on daily tasks and activities in greater comfort.

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